New Yellowfin Tuna painting

“Louie’s First Catch” 2012 . Sold.

60 in x 30 in . Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas . Copyright 2012 Peter Agardy .

Yellowfin Tuna fishing is at the top of my list of thrills in fishing. Chasing down flocks of birds, feeding fish at the boat and hooking up on spinning gear sums up the ultimate in live bait fishing for me, words really can’t describe it. Often times you see these massive schools of Yellowfin pushing flying Squid up to the surface, and back down to the depths, but more often I find these small squid in the stomachs of the brutes. I wanted to create a scene, which I  envisioned, that portrays the unknown of the ‘below the surface’ action.

My friend Tommy commissioned this painting for his new baby, Louis’ room. He gave me free range on the painting, but I knew exactly what subject would suit this, soon to be, Tuna Slayers’ room!  Tommy, a seasoned fisherman and Tuna fishing extrordinaire agreed the piece was perfect for his boy to grow up with. Tight lines  lil’ Louie !

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