New Painting: “Linesider’s Lunch” (Summertime Snook)

Snook painting, Linesider, Snook, Pilchard







“Linesider’s Lunch” (Summer Snook) .

Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas. 16″ x 20″

Copyright 2012 Peter Agardy . Sale Pending.

Signed and Numbered Gicle prints availabe.

This painting has been on deck for far to long,  the 3rd and latest in my new small size inshore series! Finally finished it just in time for the Snook to start hunting the beaches again! Inspired by countless hours of stalking these shallow water hunters off of the beaches and flats in and around South Florida during our long hot summers. From live baiting to fly fishing, who Snook offer action packed slamming hits, strong fights, and aerial dislpays making them one of my favorite inshore fish to land by boat or shoreline. I can’t wait to cruise and walk the pristine shorelines in the coming months of late Spring and Summer! Tight Lines!!

New Painting: “A Dance with the King”

Tarpon Painting, Tarpon, Boca Grande, Tapon Jump

“A Dance with the King”

Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas

Copyright. Peter Agardy. 2012

SOLD.  Signed and numbered Gicle Canvas and Paper prints available. Contact for ordering.

The setting of this Tarpon painting can really be interpreted into any shallow water mangrove live baiting scenario, for me however it is looking to the Southeast towards Cayo Costa’s Eastern shoreline inside of Boca Grande pass. For many years for me it was only a 10 min run from dad’s dock on Gasparilla Island to the pass. We learned the traditional style of fishing in the pass, practiced only by a few remaining purist live bait fisherman and guides in that area today. Heavy tackle to land fish quickly and Live bait ensures less pressure and lesser kill rates on the fish as well.  This Silver King is breaching the surface and trying to shake the hook as they so often do! As the water and weather warms up I am getting really excited to head back to the area and explore many of the diverse surroundings and styles of fishing the area offers.

New Mural: “Working the Ledge”

I just got back from doing this mural in Houston Tx. for my Dad.  I grew up fishing and surfing the waters of Florida and the Bahamas for one reason, Dad shared this passion with us from the time we (brother and I) were born. Fishing with Dad and my brother throughout the years has taught me everything I have learned to appreciate, and do as an angler. From the flats of Harbour Island Bahamas when I was 3 yrs old, Dad’s old Hatteras “Lady Margaret’ at the Cove fishing out front for my first Sailfish, to the Mountain creeks and rivers of Montana,  To the Silver Sailfish Derbies we fished our hardest on, to the father’s day Boca Grande Guides Tarpon Tournaments. This Mural is for you Dad. Enjoy a little piece of your home of Florida out in Texas! Image Gallery Below