“Screamin’ Reels” – Art on Beer Cans

It’s been 2 years in the making from Canvas to Can! Check out the press release

of what we’ve been up to…and timelapse Video of the painting!

Saltwater Brewery Launches Screamin’ Reels IPA in Cans

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Aug. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Saltwater Brewery (SWB), a micro-brewery with tasting room, today announced the launch of its first canned product, Screamin’ Reels IPA.

Starting this week, six packs will be available at many liquor stores, grocery stores, restaurants and bars throughout SWB’s distribution territory (from Sebastian to Key West), soon expanding to Orlando and North Florida:

SWB is proud to support The Miami Dolphins by selling canned Screamin’ Reels at Sun Life Stadium.

Screamin’ Reels, SWB’s flagship beer, falls in the Reef Zone of their series lineup: Coastal, Reef, Offshore (see “Depth Chart” image). It is characterized as a tropical, hoppy IPA, at 7 percent ALC/VOL, 75 IBUs, and pairs best with spicy, salty, fatty foods, which emphasize the hop flavor.

“We’re excited to expand the reach of our IPA,” said Chris Gove, President and Co-Founder of Saltwater Brewery. “Everyone can now enjoy one of our most popular beers at home, the pool, the beach, golfing or boating, which is why we love the can. With so many stores eager to sell our product, customers have easier access at a reasonable price point.”

SWB installed their state-of-the-art canning line with Palmer Canning Systems in July 2015.

“We take pride in canning our beer,” said Dustin Jeffers, Head Brewer. “Cans are lighter, more easily transported and won’t shatter when dropped. Craft beer in a can maintains its quality as it’s not spoiled by light, and keeps the beer fresher in an airtight and oxygen-free environment.”

The team is planning to can additional styles with other popular beers like Sea Cow Milk Stout and Wheat Wave.

Images and video are available at http://bit.ly/1IWVuIQ.

About Saltwater Brewery
Founded in December 2013 by a team of native Floridians, Saltwater Brewery is Delray Beach’s first local production microbrewery with tasting room. Using only pure ingredients, each style of handcrafted beer and corresponding name is inspired by the ocean. The company is forecasted to brew 2,500 bbl in 2015 and donates a percentage of proceeds to ocean-related charities. 12 different styles are typically available in the tasting room, including Chocolate Mayday and Don’t Get Confused, while six primary beers, including Screamin’ Reels IPA and Sea Cow Milk Stout, are distributed via Brown Distributing from Sebastian to Key West.

CONTACT: Katelyn Perkins, 801-330-2669, katelyn@saltwaterbrewery.com



“Screamin Reels” for Screamin Reels IPA – Saltwater Brewery


‘Screamin Reels’ by Peter Agardy

24″ x 30″ Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas


As many of you may know, and for those who don’t, I’m proud to be Co Founder and head of Creative and Marketing for Saltwater Brewery, Coming soon to Delray Beach, a full scale Micro-Brewery with Tasting room, Merchandise area, and Brewery tours.  Follow this link to read up on what we are all about! I will be calling the Brewery my new office and will be producing all of the art for the Brewery at that studio/office space!

“Screamin Reels” was insipred by scenarios on and off the water. Most South Florida offshore fishermen and anglers have had this scene happen or wish for it to happen to them. Long days of trolling the edge for Dolphin, wahoo, tuna and whatever else will bite, it’s always a welcome sound when those reels start SCREAMIN!  Our ‘Screamin Reels’ IPA hits your palette in a similar way, the hop bite initially alerts your taste buds like the reels would scream for your attention, and that welcome taste and sound keeps you wanting more and more, on and off the water!

“I tried to relate this scenario by showing this school of hungry dolphin taking out your spread of rigged Lures, and the Dolphin, their colors are just so awesome I couldnt deny using this color palette for our beer designs!!”

Screamin Reels IPA“Screamin Reels” IPA –


New Covers for ‘Angler’s Workshop’ catalogue

Peter Agardy Steelhead Steeling 2ndPeter Agardy Sailfish Target Acquired I am pleased to announce that I have Teamed up with ‘Angler’s Workshop’ for their 2013 catalog line. You will see the paintings on the covers of their Spring/ Summer catalogue, and Fall/Winter . The Steelhead Painting was specifically commissioned by them, and the Sailfish Painting was an existing piece of art. I also have a feature on the inside back cover with prints and Merchandise for sale in the catalog. Angler’s Workshop is one of the Nations leaders for Fishing, Fly fishing, rod building and fly tying supplies. Be sure to check out there onine catalog here. Or visit their webpage and request a full hard copy in the mail.

Featured paintings: “Steeling 2nd” – Steelhead commission for the catalog. For Sale.

“Target Acquired” – Sailfish painting, originally for Operation Sailfish Tournament. Sold.


‘Eye’s on the Prize’ – new yellowfin tuna painting

‘Eye’s on the Prize’ – 2012 – 18″ x 40″ – Acrylic and Enamel on Panel. Copyright Peter Agardy 2013. Reproduction Limited edition Gicle and Panel prints avaialble-

Well- It’s been a while since my last update, between the holidays, new Brewery project, fishing tournaments, and getting Married, it’s been quite a ride the past 2 months! This ‘new’ painting was done at the Stuart Air Show live at the H2Ocean Booth Back in November 2012. I am proud to have linked up with H2Ocean skin and tatto aftercare products- with new products like their H2Ocean – SeaLife Sunscreen – Im always protected out on the water- Thanks for the support guys! The painting turned out to be a great gift for my Dad on his birthday!

New Painting: “Target Aquired” for Operation Sailfish tournament – ‘Quest for the Crest Series’-

Sailfish Painting, Sailfish Art, American Flag artI have the pleasure of working with Bluewater Movements this year for their new ‘Quest for the Crest’ Sailfish tournament series. This painting and the logos below that I created are headlining the event for promotion and featured art. The original of “Target Aquired” features no flag, but will only be available  for purchase at the Auction at the Operation Sailfish Captain’s meeting. All proceeds to benifit Operation Homefront of Florida.  I will be setup at the events Dec 12 – 16 for display and be sure to check out some new apparel and prints just in time for the Holidays! Hope to see you there!

“Target Aquired” Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas- Copyright 2012 Peter Agardy

18 x 24″ Donated for Auction- Proceeds to ‘Operation Homefront’



New: More Swordfish Bills

A few months back this order of 4 huge custom Swordfish Bill’s came in from up in Boston fresh off a commercial boat for Sunny’s Seafood Pier 1 Boston, Ma. I got free range to do whatever I saw fit on the bills and shadow boxes. From natural Bone polished and classical ink drawings to fully primed and painted scens depicting Swordfish and Squids. The biggest Bill Measured 52″ long and almost 6″ wide at the base, from about a 750+ lb fish caught up on George’s Bank, that bill actually made the one from the 400 lb fish look small!! I always love painting Swordfish Bills because it is a natural trophy, and carries a story of battle between Man andf Fisherman, also reminding me of my own battles with these brutes.

Inquiries and Comissions- contact- PeterAgardy@gmail.com


New Painting and Cover for Florida Sport Fishing Magazine

“Sail’n Hoo’s” . 18 x 24 ” Acrylic and Enamel on Panel. Copyright 2012 Peter Agardy. Sold

I am very thrilled again to boast another new painting featured on the cover of Florida Sport Fishing- Journal for the Avid Angler-  This new Sailfish painting coincides with our yearly sailfish migration from North to South. As these fish migrate south, fisherman across the East Coast of Florida can get in on the action, from trolling dead ballyhoo, kite fishing live Goggle-eye, to my Dad’s favorite tradition of live baiting with ballyhoo’s. Sailfish are a remarkable fish, one of my favorites to tournament fish,  boasting as one of the fastest creatures in the Sea, they are sure to give you a thrill every time you witness their amazing acrobatics and fierce preditorial ways. Tight Lines and ENJOY!

Limited edition Signed and Numbered prints , and canvas prints available. Contact info@Peteragardyfineart.com for inquiries and orders.

New Tuna Painting Commission

Tuna Painting, Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowfin tuna painting

“Sugar Water Purple” Commissioned 2012 for Private Client. 20″ x 26″ Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas.

The main underlying request in this commission was Purple and Tunas ! This was a challenging painting to approach, working with a different color palette is always fun and produces unexpected results. These yellowfin tunas depict a familiar scene chasing squids from the depths of the ocean to the surface and back down again to he abyss. My friend who purchased this piece as a gift for someone had the unique name picked out before I even started the piece, which inlfluenced its creation.

Please feel free to contact me regaurding commission requests or any other questions.

New Painting for CCA – “Tuna Twilight”

“Tuna Twilight” – 18″ x 24″ Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas. For Sale @ CCA Banquet Auction only. Copyright 2012 Peter Agardy.

Ive recently teamed up with CCA Florida on some of their fundraising events, and other projects. I recently finished this new painting for their South Palm Beach Banquet and fundraising auction at the end of this month, if you are interested in the event, or a chance to buy the painting at auction, visit here.

This painting was inspired by one of my Bahamas Tuna fishing trips this summer. It was one of those moments that will be etched into my memory forever.  After a REALLY hard day of slow fishing, live baiting multiple flocks/Schools of tuna with only a little success, we finally came up on the last flock of birds for the day just as the sun was setting and the water was completely glassed off. We got the tunas busting around the boat, and pretty soon, everyone onboard was tight on Yellowfin Tuna in the 10-50lb range. After about a half hour of Mayhem, we began to see the schools of tuna erupting by the acre all at one time in unison, quite a sight. A friend of mine utters ‘I bet there’s a Blue (Marlin) pushing those things up!” , and what do you know within a minute we spot a Giant (500lb+) Blue Marlin slowly and eerily swim 5 ft under the boat, No joke!! Lit up like a Christmas tree the Flourescent Blue pectoral and tail fins are what I remember most about him.  To me it was the holy grail of what we had gone there to do. I knew from that moment this scene would one day be translated into at least one yellowfin tuna painting, and maybe more to come!

Enjoy the pictures below as well!

New Yellowfin Tuna painting

“Louie’s First Catch” 2012 . Sold.

60 in x 30 in . Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas . Copyright 2012 Peter Agardy .

Yellowfin Tuna fishing is at the top of my list of thrills in fishing. Chasing down flocks of birds, feeding fish at the boat and hooking up on spinning gear sums up the ultimate in live bait fishing for me, words really can’t describe it. Often times you see these massive schools of Yellowfin pushing flying Squid up to the surface, and back down to the depths, but more often I find these small squid in the stomachs of the brutes. I wanted to create a scene, which I  envisioned, that portrays the unknown of the ‘below the surface’ action.

My friend Tommy commissioned this painting for his new baby, Louis’ room. He gave me free range on the painting, but I knew exactly what subject would suit this, soon to be, Tuna Slayers’ room!  Tommy, a seasoned fisherman and Tuna fishing extrordinaire agreed the piece was perfect for his boy to grow up with. Tight lines  lil’ Louie !

Canvas prints and specialty prints available. please email inquiries to: info@peteragardyfineart.com