New Yellowfin Tuna painting

“Louie’s First Catch” 2012 . Sold.

60 in x 30 in . Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas . Copyright 2012 Peter Agardy .

Yellowfin Tuna fishing is at the top of my list of thrills in fishing. Chasing down flocks of birds, feeding fish at the boat and hooking up on spinning gear sums up the ultimate in live bait fishing for me, words really can’t describe it. Often times you see these massive schools of Yellowfin pushing flying Squid up to the surface, and back down to the depths, but more often I find these small squid in the stomachs of the brutes. I wanted to create a scene, which I  envisioned, that portrays the unknown of the ‘below the surface’ action.

My friend Tommy commissioned this painting for his new baby, Louis’ room. He gave me free range on the painting, but I knew exactly what subject would suit this, soon to be, Tuna Slayers’ room!  Tommy, a seasoned fisherman and Tuna fishing extrordinaire agreed the piece was perfect for his boy to grow up with. Tight lines  lil’ Louie !

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New Painting featured on Florida Sport Fishing cover ‘Mangrove Madness’

“Mangrove Madness” 2012

18″ x 24″ Acrylic and Enamel on Linen Canvas

For Sale- Copyright Peter Agardy 2012. Limited edition canvas and paper prints available

Snapper Fishing can be such a blast, especially when the bite is hot! This painting is inspired by the Mangrove Snapper bites I have experienced on the offshore the reefs of the bahamas to the Gulf of Mexico. After winning the cover contest for Florida Sport Fishing for the May/June issue, I worked with the editor in chief,  and created a new cover for the July/August Issue! Mangrove Snapper was the verdict, and I had just come off of a nice Bahamas trip, and had some great reference. However they were featuring a Gulf coast snapper article. Considering I have also spent countless hours on the Gulf coast targeting snapper, among other species, mostly with Live pinfish, I decided to create a mesh between the experiences. Using reference from Bahamas trips, and knowledge of the Gulf coast bites , I created this painting. Pound for pound,  brute Mangrove Snapper pull as hard as any of their cousin species of Snappers. Usually gray and crimson under water, I portrayed the snappers in their natural untouched colors. Once hooked and brought aboard, the snappers show off their brilliant red and orange colors.

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Update: MAY / JUNE Florida Sport Fishing magazine Cover Art contest — “Yellow Fever” Takes the Cover!

I was ecstatic to find out my tuna painting, “Yellow Fever” took the cover for the 2nd Annual Cover Art Contest hosted by Florida Sport Fishing- ‘Journal for the Avid Angler’.  This magazine happens to be a favorite publication of mine . The May/June issue’s highlight article was even named after the painting ‘Yellow Fever’, the aticle actually covers the Western Bahamas Yellowfin Tuna migration, out of which my inspiration came from last summer, while battling these brutes on numerous occasions. The action has already started in the bahamas and the tunas are hungry, I can’t wait to get back on em and create new scenes of the mayhem!

A special thanks to the Team at Florida Sport Fishing, and good luck on all the tournaments and excursions on the new Sea Vee !! Get your copy of the new issue today at all major grocery, drug stores, newstands etc… Today!!

Tight Lines!

Update: New Swordfish Bill

Swordfish Bill, Sworfish Bill art, Swordfish Bill designAs usual with most things, ‘Patience is a Virtue’. I went outside of my usual technique here and “Dry-Cured” this Swordfish Bill that my friend caught back in 2009! Dry Curing allows the natural oils to penetrate the bone and eventually completely dry out, after polishing it leaves a beautiful natural coloring to the Bone. The bill was finaly ready for prep this year. I converted an old cabinet face into the ‘plaque’ for the bill, and painted the scene onto it, which floats about 2″ off the wall. The scene here depicts the tough midnight battle with the 72″ (roughly 200lb) fish, lit up under the blue glow of the Hydroglow at the surface. The fish is about to meet his maker.

To cure and/or convert your trophy bill into a work of art, contact: also check out the last bill I did if you haven’t seen it HERE

New Painting: “Linesider’s Lunch” (Summertime Snook)

Snook painting, Linesider, Snook, Pilchard







“Linesider’s Lunch” (Summer Snook) .

Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas. 16″ x 20″

Copyright 2012 Peter Agardy . Sale Pending.

Signed and Numbered Gicle prints availabe.

This painting has been on deck for far to long,  the 3rd and latest in my new small size inshore series! Finally finished it just in time for the Snook to start hunting the beaches again! Inspired by countless hours of stalking these shallow water hunters off of the beaches and flats in and around South Florida during our long hot summers. From live baiting to fly fishing, who Snook offer action packed slamming hits, strong fights, and aerial dislpays making them one of my favorite inshore fish to land by boat or shoreline. I can’t wait to cruise and walk the pristine shorelines in the coming months of late Spring and Summer! Tight Lines!!

New Painting: “A Dance with the King”

Tarpon Painting, Tarpon, Boca Grande, Tapon Jump

“A Dance with the King”

Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas

Copyright. Peter Agardy. 2012

SOLD.  Signed and numbered Gicle Canvas and Paper prints available. Contact for ordering.

The setting of this Tarpon painting can really be interpreted into any shallow water mangrove live baiting scenario, for me however it is looking to the Southeast towards Cayo Costa’s Eastern shoreline inside of Boca Grande pass. For many years for me it was only a 10 min run from dad’s dock on Gasparilla Island to the pass. We learned the traditional style of fishing in the pass, practiced only by a few remaining purist live bait fisherman and guides in that area today. Heavy tackle to land fish quickly and Live bait ensures less pressure and lesser kill rates on the fish as well.  This Silver King is breaching the surface and trying to shake the hook as they so often do! As the water and weather warms up I am getting really excited to head back to the area and explore many of the diverse surroundings and styles of fishing the area offers.

New Painting: “Daytime Delight”

“Daytime Delight”  40″x47″

Acrylic and enamel on canvas . 2011

It’s no secret now that giant Broadbills can be boated in broad daylight, the tricky part is fishing your line at 1700 ft! In the past few years this recent discovery has taken off in the South Florida fishing community. This September and October were no different. I had the pleasure of heading out on multiple trips in the past few months boating these brutes. You just can’t imagine the amazing colors these fish portray as they are lit up in the water during the day, deep purple magentas, bright browns and ambers, and of course everyfish you pull up has his or her own character and coloring.

It was only natural that I finally did a daytime scene portraying the action at the surface. The fish usually come to the boat relitively quickly and you must take advantage of that oppurtunity, the minute they  break the surface, and see your boat and what they have in store, they make a mad dash, and your on for another battle! The swordfish above is not letting up easy, he has breached the surface, shown his glory in daylight, seen his fate, and will battle us until the end…..

Limited Edition, Signd prints will be available starting next week.

Original for sale.