New Painting: “Target Aquired” for Operation Sailfish tournament – ‘Quest for the Crest Series’-

Sailfish Painting, Sailfish Art, American Flag artI have the pleasure of working with Bluewater Movements this year for their new ‘Quest for the Crest’ Sailfish tournament series. This painting and the logos below that I created are headlining the event for promotion and featured art. The original of “Target Aquired” features no flag, but will only be available  for purchase at the Auction at the Operation Sailfish Captain’s meeting. All proceeds to benifit Operation Homefront of Florida.  I will be setup at the events Dec 12 – 16 for display and be sure to check out some new apparel and prints just in time for the Holidays! Hope to see you there!

“Target Aquired” Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas- Copyright 2012 Peter Agardy

18 x 24″ Donated for Auction- Proceeds to ‘Operation Homefront’