Newsfeed: Swordfish bill Shadow-Box by Ben Espinoza

Good friend of Mine Capt Ben Espinoza of Delray Beach made this custom shadow box for this sword bill I recently painted…

It is made from original old barnwood, stained and distressed for a nice rustic look to contrast the crisp fisnish of the Bill itself.  The Bill rests snug on two, no slip pegs so the veiwer may pick up the bill itself.  Email and questions or for possible commission of your own Bill :

Newsfeed: New Swordfish Bill Comission for ‘Scales’

“Pooned at Noon” Acrylic and Enamel on Swordfish Bill. 46″ length  4.5″ wide (max) The backside is sanded down to the bone, buffed, and stained.

It was great to paint another Swordfish Bill after not having done so 5 yrs or so. “Team Scales Gear” commissioned the preservation and painting of this swordy bill off of their 91″ fish (Approx 460lbs according to measurments) caught in Sept 2011.  Unfortunately I wasn’t on the boat for this brute, as we missed em the trip before, , but needless to say I was stoked to get the call at the dock! I painted the scene that the crew describes in story, and the photos my good friend Steve Dougherty took Documenting the trip; of the fish battling till the end after being harpooned just under the surface. The fish was caught during the day using standard deep drop technique brought up from 1600 ft + . After experiencing these fish boated in the day it is a whole new take on the Beast! Enjoy some of Steve’s photos from that day! Stay tuned for more Bills on there way!