Update: H2Ocean Mural round 2

This is the second mural installment for H2Ocean that I completed this month. An update from the old plain awnings. They are planning on putting vinyl lettering on the upper awning to the right of the swordfish, to complete it. I got to work on the 40 ft boom lift for a week which is always fun! A big thanks to Eddie and the H2Ocean team, looking forward to everything and being part of the Pro Team!  Pro Team update soon! Stay tuned!





New Mural: Ceiling @ H2Ocean

This Mural was painted on a double vaulted ceiling….challenging for me to say the least. My buddy Eddie @ H2Ocean All Natural Skin Care, and tattoo aftercare products, opened a new facility in Stuart and Commissioned this mural on his office ceiling. The Mural depicts an underwater view of a vivid sargassum weedline scene, commonly found right off our South Florida coast and worldwide. With the Dolphin scattering jacks, runners and little triggerfish, The frigate bird watching from high above, and looming wahoo, Eddie is sure to be itching to fish everytime he comes into work! He has commissioned a second mural to be painted on the outside of the building on existing awnings. More pics of the next one coming soon…Stay Tuned! Click the H2Ocean logo to check out their full line of First aid skin care, and aftercare products


New Commission: “Striped Blitz”

“Striped Blitz” 2011

Acryilic and Aerosol on Canvas

Original and Prints Available.

Being from South Florida I normally wouldnt paint a striped bass scene, as it is not what I fish for, nor do we get them down here, although my brother had pulled one from the spillway a few years back. I was commissioned to do this painting for a new shirt design for Shore Thing, targeting the Mid-Atalantic to Northern US market. Just in time for my upcoming trip to LBI New Jersey where I’ll be targeting this highly popularized species.